On Monday I was asked by my mom's boss to help them out for 7 days at the office. I said OK. My sister and brother will be watching the monkeys while I help out. Today she called me again to ask me if I could work until July 31, because people are leaving on vacation and they need a replacement. The only problem is that my sister might be starting a new job and she won't be able to watch the kids. I really don't want to put all that responsibility to my brother. Another problem that I have is that I host a CO-OP every 2 weeks, Jose can help me next week but he might be going back to Chicago on the following week, what will I do then. It would be nice to have some extra money. I don't want to put my kids in a daycare, because it just wouldn't make sense to pay daycare. It so ridiculously expensive. I also don't want my kids to get sick either. I've been thinking of mt sister in law also but I think that she is in school full time this semester. Any suggestions? Does anyone know of a cheap babysitter?

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