Potty Training

Since we got back from Orlando. I have stopped putting Pull Ups on Anthony during the day. I am surprised that it has actually worked. He has been going to the bathroom all by himself. He even wakes up from his nap with a dry diaper. Well he has had a couple of accidents but as soon as it is happening he runs to the bathroom. I am hoping that he will be done with Pull Ups by the time we go to DC in December. I think it will actually happen. This morning when he came to our room he had already taken off his night diaper and had put on his underwear. So we definitely have progress. Gaby actually is following the lead I have not sat her on the potty but she points and wants to sit and do the same thing. So maybe be by this time next year both of them will be completely out of diapers. Which would be great, we would definitely save some money there.

Gaby is 17 months old now. She is a VERY feisty little girl. She makes these faces that makes her look evil. She is passive aggressive. She'll hit you or throw a toy at you and then kiss you. Her daddy is crazy about her. She is definitely a daddy little girl. She hates time outs and gives you the evil look as she is walking to the corner, and it makes me laugh every single time. I have to make sure she doesn't she me laughing because then she won't go to time out.

Anthony and her get along most of the time. Which I love, they make up games, well actually Monkey Doodle makes them up and Gaby just follows him around. She eats like there is no tomorrow. Really! She eats ALL DAY LONG! I am so glad that she is active little girl because if she wasn't she would just be a big butter ball. She says many words and will only say them on her terms. Here is a video of my monkeys playing on the scooter together.


  1. she looks so evil in the pic.

  2. Monkey doodle is our pet name for our kids too (usually the youngest). I've never heard anyone else use that teerm of endearment before.

  3. That is so funny. We call my son that because when he was first born he would make Monkey noises.