Fall is here....

I have been so happy for the last two days because the weather has been AWESOME. Most of you might know we live in South Florida. We have crappy weather and crappy people too. People here are the biggest asshole but you know what I have to say that it must be the weather. Hot and sticky just does not make people happy. People here are nicer this time of year and that must be the reason why. Anyway yesterday it was in the low 80's and today it was in the low 70's all day and this whole week it supposed to be the same. The kids and I have decided to do everything outside. Like play and eat outside for most of the day; except for naps. We have to take advantage of days like these. We used chalk and decorated our side walk for Halloween and took lots of picture of Anthony and Gaby wearing their long sleeve matching shirts. Even though it was not cold out but I wanted some fall pictures of them. I am a very happy camper so much that tomorrow morning I am going to go running with my neighbors dogs. Like I used to before the weather gets crappy again.


  1. is Gaby growing that fast? they look way too close in age already. Very cute though!!!

  2. you bet. She is getting big really fast.