I have not baked in a long time because I thought that my oven was broken. So yesterday I decided to try to turn it on and it did. So I asked Monkey if he would like to have some cupcakes and of course he did. So we went to the store Monkey picked out some Halloween sprinkles and vanilla frosting. Anthony and I baked Chocolate Chocolate chip cupcakes. He helped me, I would measure the ingredients and he poured them in the mixer. He had a blast.As you can see.

I am so excited about Halloween we have Gaby's costume but not Monkey's yet. The other day we went to the store and they had costumes and he picked Handy Manny from the Disney channel. I will ask him again if says he want that one I am going to make it because I don't want to over pay for a costume he will only wear once and plus how hard can it be to make a handy man costume. I am so excited that I even got Moha a outfit.