Lot's to talk about........

Well since the last time I wrote many different things have happened. I have been extremely busy, with finishing the kids bedroom, planning Gaby's first birthday, going to tons of birthday parties, and a Major one I started school.
So finished the kids room a long time ago it's just I have not had time to write about it, or post pictures of the finished product. Anthony loves his room, he plays there all day but we have to watch out for him because the other day I thought he was taking a nap and it turns out that he was painting the RUG, yeah I almost had an anxiety attack, so I called Jose and told him he had to come home or not I would kill our precious little Angel. Our rug is ruined but we are going to change it out sometime in the future to hardwood floors, so it does not bother me as much anymore. That's that.
Gaby turned 1 this past Saturday. We had princess party, not Disney Princesses, it turned out really well we had almost 60 people. She got tons and tons of cloths and it all very cute, also many toys which all make lots of noise.YEAH!!
So now about me I have started to train for a 3 mile run that I am going to do in September with my sister in law. I am out shape so running 3 miles for me is a lot. Every morning at 6:30 am I borrow my neighbors dog, Spooky, and we speed walk and run 2 miles. It started out just walking but I been running a little more every week. I am really excited about the run we are going to get matching outfits with our last names on the back. I sister in law is very athletic she does triathlons, maybe someday I'll do one with her. What else this week I started school I am taking 2 class but since summer term has 3 different sessions I am taking one now and it finishes in 6 weeks and the other starts June 24. They are both only six weeks, so they are very condensed for the class I am taking now we have a test every week, I have a oral presentation next week Wednesday already. It's going to be tough because this weekend Jose and I are going on a Cruise to the Bahamas. Which means I am going to have to study and work on my presentation while sunning by the pool, but I am ok with that. I am just happy that Jose and I can get away for the weekend by ourselves.
I also got a new laptop today thats all mine so I don't have to share with Jose anymore. That's why this post will not have pictures, all the picture are on the OLD laptop. I have to go, I need to get some studying done tonight.


  1. That sure is a lot of stuff going on. I can't believe your baby girl is a year old already! I'm totally proud of you going back to school. ONE day, I will finish my degree (Gah!).

    And? James spilled a whole bucket of paint on my carpet, walked through it and then padded up and down the hallway. So, I understand.

  2. Wow! yeah at least Anthony kept the paint in his room, and it was only on the carpet.