Grossed Out

I can not believe what I just saw. I am studying and I hear our cat "Moha" opening the bathroom door and I figure he just trying to drink water out of the toilet, as usual, but then I hear water and I go to look. For a second I thought he was peeing in the toilet but he is actually peeing in the SINK. That is so gross, I could kill him if we had not paid tons of money to keep him alive. The worst thing is that he did not even move when I walked in he was like "Hey, some privacy please?" I am wondering how long he has been doing this, luckily I clean that bathroom often because it the one all our guest use since it downstairs, but I am so grossed out right now. I should have taken a picture.


  1. I pee in the sink too sometimes...No, not really. But you should take a picture of Moha, the expression on his face is priceless.

  2. I have finally come to a conclusion as to how come I don't like cats
    conclusion 1... they beat the hell out of their owners
    conclusion 2... they pee in the guests bathroom
    conclusion 3... knowing the above mentioned, there is absolutely no need for a 3rd conclusion!!!