Holidays are crazy

Hello everyone. I hope you all had a great time over the holidays. We had a good time for the most part. We stayed home mostly, thanks to our house flooding. The townhouse next door, which has been empty for almost 2 years, flooded because the mortgage company had the water turned on. The water was coming out of the tube that's goes to the fridge. Since the people (assholes) that used to own it took the fridge the water was spilling everywhere. We got really lucky that Jose came down at 11pm, for a cup of water, if not the damage would have been a lot worst. We had these awesome fans everywhere, 9 to be exact and 2 dehumidifiers. It was so loud and very annoying and they had to be on for 3 days. They finally got picked up on Christmas Eve at 8 pm.

Anthony thought the fans were a great way to dry his hands.
The cats were completely freaked out by the fans and hid the entire time under our bed.
All in all the kids had a great Christmas.Anthony loved it everyday he would ask if it was Christmas day. He asked for a Robot Truck, Santa Buddies the movie, and a pirate ship with a squid. We also got them digital cameras because they were about to destroy ours. They totally loved it. Today I loaded the pictures from both cameras and noticed that they have a lot of pics of crotches. lol!
I do have to say that Anthony does take pretty good pics. His camera didn't have that many crotch pics as Gaby did. He focused on the faces more.

This is one of his new pirate ship.

The pics come out better when there is good lighting especially outside.

I took this one. They are so cute. That is Gaby's cam that Anthony is holding. The cameras are supposed to be very resistant. I hope that they last a long time.

We have a no plans for New Years there just isn't much we can do with kids. I hope you all have a save and Happy New Year.

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  1. Wow, the pics the kids took came out great!