Florida Winter

So today we woke up and it was cool outside. It was in the high 60's which is very unusual for us. I love it, I get to open all my windows and be outside without worrying about having a heat stroke. Anthony got outside when Jose was leaving for work he said "I want to play on the winter." He also asked "Where are the snowflakes?" My poor mid-western baby is not going to see snow anytime soon. I hope that this weather last maybe I can even start running. This would be the best weather to do it.


  1. But your child can always work on his tan!

  2. I remember riding my bike at 5 am to get to the bus stop to get to school in high school.

    I'd be wearing a scarf, hat, jacket, longsleeved shit and warm pants. But then in Stephen's car I'd have a change of clothes and by 3' o clock I'd change into jean/shorts and a tanktop. lol

  3. mae-I remember that. haha!
    gori-if only he could, but my daughter on the other hand goes outside for 5 mins and she looks like she been out all day.