Parrot Jungle Island

I remember that when I was turned 8 my mom took me to Parrot Jungle. Yesterday I took my Monkey, but I have a feeling I was more excited them he was. Pili, Jose's cousin, has a son 3 weeks younger then Monkey, and the four of us packed my car and drove 40 mintues to Miami to see exotic birds and animals. Its was a great time Anthony was very happy. He was a little scared becasuse the parrots were loud. Here are some pictures of our trip.

Pili and Allen

Monkey and me

Monkey and Allen

They are too Cute.

They were .....

pooped out by the end. lol!


  1. I wish I could have gone. Looks like a nice place.

  2. looks like you guys had fun... wish I was there with my gordito.

    We should get together and take the kids to a baby day out!!!

  3. Every time you guys post pictures of this cutie I want to munch is toes and tummy. Such a sweetheart of a baby! :D