1st Tooth

Today May 12 I felt Anthony's 1st tooth. He has been teething for a while now but today I felt his tooth he like to bite on our fingers thats how I knew. I felt something sharp, it was kind of hard to see since Anthony doesn't like us to touch his face to much, there it was his first tooth, well not the whole thing just a little white thing you can't really see it. I am so excited my baby boy is growning up so fast.


  1. Babe! You are so sneaky! everytime I stop using the laptop for few, I see a new blop post! that's so funny.

    First a tooth, then he'll be walking, before you know it, he wants to borrow the car.

  2. I like to use the labtop because thats were all the pictures are and it just easier then the PC. And for next time make sure you post comments under your name SILLY!

  3. Hi, M.V. I was reading Jose's blog and saw you're up and running. Dang, Monkey is cute. I want another baby. I hope the three of you are doing well today. JPS (signed, unfortunately, by someone else)