My Vacation

I have been on vacation this week and I really didn't have anything planned. On monday I woke up wantIng to paint. We have been here 5 months and our walls are white, and it is killing me. I always wanted a house where I can paint the walls whatever color I wanted. I was tried of looking at plain white walls. I started downstairs, which is what most people see, no one really goes to the bedrooms or bathrooms upstairs. So the kitchen was my first project. I went to the nearest home improvement store and bought paint, bordeaux and vanilla bean. I made two walls bordeaux which was hard because its dark and I had to do about 3 coats to get it all even. I am very hapy with the outcome. I was actually only going to do the kitchen but then I saw this Palm Tree stencil that matches the towels in the bathroom downstairs, then I saw a chandalier that would go really great in the dinning room. I am not really sure what color I am going to do in the living room or dinning room I just know that it will take a while because thats a lot of painting to do specially if I have to juggle Monkey and making sure that the cats don't get into the paint.


  1. The pictures do it no justice, the bathroom came out really nice, you'd think a professional did it.

  2. Ran over from Jose's blog to see how it turned out.

    I love the work! I have always wanted red walls in a room (I almost have the hubby convinced).

    I hate white walls as well.
    Good eye!

  3. Jose wasn't to convinced when I started. Now that it is finished he likes it a lot.