Health Insurance

Why? Something so simple can be so hard to have. Why can we have it like in other countries were it is FREE. It should be the same here, the government has the money to give it to us. But anyway thats not what my blog, well just a little this what Jose comment is about the phone call that freaked him out. Like most of you know Anthony is 4 months old which means that he has gone to the dr. at least 3 times well yesterday going to a new dr because last time he was at the dr was in Minnesota at 2 months, the nurse said that we were not enrolled in our insurance that we have been paying for 6 months even before Anthony was born. Well Jose and I are enrolled but Anthony isn't, and that mad me very upset so for the last 4 months no one mentioned that he didn't have insurance and that the STUPID people at the insurance company don't know how to do their job. Its not just that, its that Jose went to the Building were you give them the information to enroll Anthony the week he was born so he pretty much did that for what, for them to screw up ANYWAY. All the have to do is type a name and SSN#. Unbelievable, we ended up payng $140 so that Anthony could be seen.


  1. http://www.dooce.com/archives/daily/01_10_2006.html
    you're not the only one with insurance problems. It's unbelievable how screwed up health care in this country is.

  2. Health Insurance should be a right, not a privilege. Especially in this country that Human rights are so defended. Unbelivable what people have to go through in order to get some Medical attention. Some others, can't even taste what to see a doctor is about. Triste

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