It's funny how my mom and Jose's mom get when they see Anthony. My mom kidnaps him every friday night which is ok since its the only night Jose and I have alone. But I still miss my baby, last week i woke up in the middle of the night thinking I heard Anthony but of course I didn't he wasn't in the house. My mom has gone INSANE she has her own car seat, stroller, baby bag and milk, cereal, etc. She thinks she is his mom for the weekend. hahaha! I bet people think she is too because she's a young grandmother, no one can believe that she has a daugther that's married much less a grandson. Jose parents are older I believe in their 60's. I guess that our parents are happy to have grandchildren because they know that there is a little of them in that child, and when the baby cries they can just return them tto their parents and not no to worry about it. lol!


  1. My parents are not in their 60s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. sorry but they are almost there.