Four Months Ago

It's unbelievable just four months ago I became a mother. Me, the one that wanted to travel and enjoy life with my husband and get to know each other more. Don't get me wrong we did have a lot of great trips together and a time to get to know each other. But there was another plan for our lives. I think that one could never be ready to be parents no matter how much you plan but fortunatly when you do everything just comes to you naturally, well it did to me. Its funny how your whole mind changes things that you thought you care about before are at the end of your list and this bundle of joy takes over. I love how evryday he changes and becomes more active and more enchanting everyday. Every stage just gets better and better, sometimes my husband will say "I can't wait till he......" but I can I wish he could stay this age forever just the thought of him leaving to college one day is devastating in a way, but I can't keep him forever he doesn't belong to me he is his own person and will be making his own life one day. I am already talking about college and he can barely sit up on his own. hahaha! Well I hope that this blog can help me and anyone that may read my blog, we are here to help each other.


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