I have no idea what title to write in here.

I have been stressed out lately. It is a combination of everything that has been going on. My grandmother passed away two weeks ago today. I still can not believe that she is gone. She was diagnostic Jan 20, 2009 with breast cancer. Two weeks later they found the cancer in her lungs. A week in a half after that they found it in her brain. March 10, 2009 she lost her battle. I am just glad that she did not have to suffer for long. She was in a lot of pain the last time I saw her. She still recognized us, she asked to see the kids, which she did. She was very happy to see them. The kids were a little scared, but who wouldn't be, a hospice is not a happy place. She would have turned 60 in June. She was definitely not the one we thought would die first. I am very sad that my kids will not remember her. Sometimes I can't understand how quickly this happened. She was full of life. At the holiday party, we had before we went away to DC, she was fine. She was dancing and making jokes, just being her usual self.

I decided to drop my classes this semester. Which makes feel really crappy. I just wasn't able to concentrate. I think I put to much pressure on myself this semester. Every time I had a essay or a homework assignment my mind would go blank. I would just stare at my laptop.

The kids are doing great. Gaby is starting to count, which is amazing to me, she is not even 2 yet. Her vocabulary has been increasing everyday. I think it is because she has a big brother. Monkey Doodle has been obsessed with puzzles. He loves them, they really do entertain him for HOURS. We just have to watch out for Gaby she loves to eat some of the pieces. I have been looking for a summer program for him. He said that he does want to go to school. Potty training is not going well. I have finally given up. He sometime goes on his own but most of the time he doesn't. There are some school that don't charge extra for him not being potty trained. Maybe school might help him in the potty training area. He also has been going to bed late. Even on days that he does not take a nap. I think it might be the time change. He is still up now, he is not bothering anyone he is just watching a movie. The problem is that he still wakes up at 6:30-7 am. Why can't he sleep in?
That is that. This has been my life the last couple of weeks. I am just hoping that things get better soon.

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