Crazy, this how I feel about life right now. It just never needs. I have a lot going on in my head and in the family. We have a family member that has stage 4 breast cancer, and things are not going good. I am having trouble dealing with that, I am still in denial I think maybe it just hasn't sunk in yet. I don't know how to explain that to the kids, without freaking them out. School has been a little harder for me this semester. I just feel like I can't concentrate. I am debating if to drop one of my classes.

On a happier note the kids are doing great. Gaby is talking A LOT. She repeats EVERYTHING that we say. She understands more than I give her credit for. She has been a little jealous since I started watching my neighbors baby, twice a week. Whenever he comes over she finds an old pacifier and walks around with it in her mouth. What is funny is that she has never liked the pacifier. When she was little she always spit it out. Anthony is doing good. We have our bad days. He has been acting out more than usual. I am not sure if it is also because of the baby, which I don't think because he really loves the baby. He helps out with the baby, and keeps the baby entertained. Besides for the acting out he has fine. He remembers a lot of things that happened. Except that about 3 weeks ago he said " I neber eber get to got to Disney." He has no concept of time because it had been less then 5 months when we went for his 3rd birthday. What he did not know was that I was planning a weekend getaway to Disney. Valentines weekend we drove up and stayed in an awesome Disney resort. We only stayed for a day. We drove up Saturday and came back the next day. We decided not to go to a park because it was not necessary. The kids played at the pool for almost all day Saturday. Anthony called the room "Disney house." I loved staying there they have activities all day for the kids. The customer service was amazing. We had a great view with a balcony. I don't know if we'll ever do the same resort again. Even if we did save up the money I just can't make myself pay as much as we did again. The best part was that the kids had a blast, they absolutely LOVED it. Disney just knows how to please the little ones. Everything had mickey on it, the soap, the covers, the rugs, I mean everything and the staff like always amazing as ever. I was just glad that we could get away for a weekend and we were able to relax.

Jose and Gaby enjoying the pool, and that is sand in the pool.

The Disney Yatch Club Resort.

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