I have been sucked in......

I am not a reader. The only books I really read are True crime books. I am not into fantasy books but about 3 weeks ago my sister in law gave me Twilight to read. She said that I would really like it. I was very skeptical. The book was around the house but I really was not interested. Jose LOVES to read and he does it every night before we go to bed. So last week Thursday we were in bed, while Jose was reading I said hey why not just give it a try. I had no idea what I was getting into. I read the book in 3 DAYS, yes 3 days. I could not put it down. I borrowed the 2 next ones from the series from my SIL. I read NEW MOON in ONE DAY, I am still surprised. Right now I am reading ECLIPSE which I started yesterday and I am more than half way through. I don't have the last one and neither does my SIL so I might have to buy it. I am actually getting sad that I am going to finish the series very soon and will have nothing as good to read.

There is a lot that I would like to write about but all I really want to do is read.

Thanksgiving was OK. My dad caught on fire with one of my candles and my oven broke as we were cooking the turkey. We ended up finishing the turkey on the grill. I was so glad that all our sides were already cooked and just had to be heated. In the end everything turned out fine. My dad is fine but I can't say the same about his shirt and the turkey was pretty good. So I can't complain. Luckily our family was not hungry because they both had gone to someone else's thanksgiving before coming to our house.

Well that is it, well not really I just really want to get back to my book. I am so happy that the kids take 3 hour naps at the same time.