Co op Share

I was on the website from our co op. I am really excited for the things we are going to get this thursday. I could use most of it for thanksgiving dinner.
Green Beans (I plan on making Green bean casserole)
Red Kale
Green Leaf Lettuce
Yukon Gold Potatoes(Gouda cheese mashed potatoes)
Sweet Potatoes (maybe a sweet potato pie)
Garlic (You can never have enough garlic)
Acorn Squash
Green Onions
White Mushrooms (could use for the green bean casserole)
Poultry Bouquet (no clue, but this is the main reason I love my co op I always get new things that I have never tried before.)
Cranberries (cranberry sauce)
Empire Apples (Apple Pie of course)
Persimmons (I have never had these but I have heard of them on a show with Gweneth Paltrow and a chef that were in Spain on the PBS channel.)
Navel Oranges ( these are going to keep Jose out of the kitchen)
And for the extra fruit share that I do we are getting Pineapples, mangos and kiwis. The last pineapples we got were DELICIOUS. They were so perfect we ate the 2 we got in one day.
I wonder if the mashed potatoes will be different since I am using Yukon potatoes instead of Idaho potatoes.Oh well, it will have to work. I have to figure what to do with the Acorn squash. I found this recipe but I am not sure how Jose will react. He might not eat it.
We are having about 15 people at the house for Thanksgiving, and Jose's sister and I are doing all the cooking. Things are coming together just right let hope things stay this way.


  1. If you've never made it before just roast the acorn squash and serve it with butter and brown sugar.

    I think the poultry bouquet is probably herbs for roasting poultry. You can make herb butter with them.

    Yukon Gold potatoes make better mashed potatoes than Idaho. They are creamier.

  2. Thank you. The acorn squash with butter and brown sugar sounds delicious, I will have to do that.
    mmh! herb butter sounds good too.