NO QUIERO (Don't want...)

That all I hear most of my day from Monkey Doodle.

No quiero bano. (bath)
No quiero comer (eat)
No quiero domir. (sleep)
No quiero parque. (park)

I can not believe that my monkey is going to be 3 years old in 18 days. We have decided to not have a party because that weekend after his birthday is my 5k run in Orlando so we decided to celebrate his birthday there. I have mentioned it to monkey but I still don't think he understands,even thought he still remembers parts of our trip when we went to Disney in December. We have planned a Character breakfast in Animal Kingdom. Animal Kingdom is very kid friendly plus what kid does not like animals.

I am really excited about my 5k run. It is going to be in Disney Animal Kingdom it is called Expedition Everest Challenge. We will have an obstacle course where we will be climbing, crawling and other things we have to do like answering questions to continue our run. It is definitely not your usual run, not only that but it is at night.

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  1. M! I know those initials!! :) Thanks for reading me, I find it so flattering when people take the time. :) I DID see that movie ofCOURSE. I saw it before it came out..It's called across the universe, which, incidentally, is also one of their more popular songs. :)