Things are going as planned. We got our tile put in about two weeks ago and it looks great. We went to Oregon this past weekend, it was a great trip. I loved Oregon, great people, great place, very beautiful State.

The holidays are coming and I hate it. I hate that we had to split our time between two family's, so after the HELL we went through in Thanksgiving we have decided that we are staying home this year. If our family wants they can come see us here at our house. Starting next year we are going to go away for the holidays which I think is a great idea. I don't care where it is just as long as its away from family DRAMA.

Our Trip to Oregon:

I fell in love. Everyone that we told that we where going to Oregon was like "why?". I have to say at first I did not know what to expect but it was a great trip. We went to the Pacific Ocean, and took some really great pictures thanks to Joel, Jose's friend who we were surprising. He just published his book, which Jose is in, Its called " Night of A Thousand Stars and other Portraits of Iraq. I would like to thank Nicole and Joel for inviting us to Oregon and opening their home, and for everything you guys did while we were there. Hopefully you'll visit us someday.

Anthony :
I think he has gone insane, or maybe thats just how all little boys are. He bit a girl at Day Care again and this time he left a mark on her. I don't know what to do, we weren't there to tell him not to do it and we can't really can't tell him after we pick him up because he does not know what I am talking about. So what do we do? HELP!!
Everything he finds is food, cat food is his favorite, paper is second and then everything else. We found out what his favorite fruit is, apple, everyday after he gets home he goes to the fridge and gets himself an apple and sit on his chair in the living room. He looks so cute when he does that, and makes me think of how time goes by so fast and before you know it he'll be in college.

Talking about college Jose Graduated last Friday. I just want to say that I very proud of you babe that you finished even through all the obstacles that you went through. I LOVE YOU!


  1. My son went through the biting phase so I actually can help!

    When kids are Anthony's age, they are able to do a lot more things than before they could walk, but they don't have the language skills to express themselves. He could be biting for reaction, out of boredom or frustration. It is a VERY normal thing at the toddler age. It does have to stop though, because biting is harmful and it feels like SUCK when your kid bites someone.


    After researching it to death, the best advice (And general consensus it seems) is that you have to keep a very close eye and the second it happens say firmly "NO BITING" and remove them from the situation.

    If you notice a frustrating situation happening, try to difuse it before he bites.

    With my son it took some time, but it ended up going away after about 3 months.


    I think Jose rocks for graduating and I hope that you are feeling good and everything is going well!

  2. Thanks Loralee!

    I guess I'll stop biting him back, that technique does not seem to work. ;-)